May 28-31, 2015



Full Raft


Cash Prizes - Night Freestyle Rodeo - After Parade Party at Santa Rita! 

In the 1980s, the City of Durango became the first community in the nation to construct a whitewater park. In 2014, our NEW WHITEWATER PARK opened with 12 rapid features...the most notable being Smelter Rapid, Cornerpocket and Ponderosa (the "flipper"). The larger rapids rate as Class IIIs at lower water and Class IVs at higher water! 

  • Kayak Slalom 
  • SUP Slalom
  • Boatercross
  • Last Paddler Standing
  • Surf CompetitionSurfers get a chance to showcase their skills on a standing river wave! Each competitor will get three 90 second rides/attempts and the best ride advances.  Rides scored on tricks, air, entry, exit, and overall quality and style. 
  • Smelter Smackdown Raft Sprint
  • Freestyle Kayak Rodeo - Competitors are judged on ability to execute the best tricks and maneuvers in a river wave or hole.   
  • Local Film Festival
  • Dog Contests
  • Live Music
  • *Click on event for more information and official race rules. 

WIN! Rubber ducky race will include a BIG be announced!


Parade of Carnage